Use for New vehicle,Electrical Electronic ,Radiator etc

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Solar panels

New energy vehicle

Electronic products

Decorative building

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We provide products for world-renowned companies in different fields. Only by familiarizing with terminal products can we better prepare materials.

Professional scientific research support, efficient and fast communication,

Superior Quality

We utilize the most modern facilities & equipment, highly skilled & experienced staff to provide our global partners with the one-of-a-kind quality that lasts.

Faster Delivery

We currently use over 20 produce line that enable almost 40% of the production to be automated, reducing labor time and increasing efficiency.

Supply Chain

A vertically integrated supply chain, step by step, makes our factory your production hall! Our logistic team will handle all documentation for shipments.

More Support

Our experienced team is highly cooperative and accommodates your special needs, R&D, testing, and various customized services.

Where We Meet All Your Expectations

Our team understands your unique needs, considerations and challenges for various aluminum products. We have extensive expertise in specific industries, including energy vehicles, solar energy, electronic products, etc.

Finally, quality is the most important. We have a complete quality control team that inspects raw materials, rolling, annealing, cleaning, packaging and finished products. Control the quality of each process.

We use advanced large-scale manufacturing facilities such as hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, annealing furnaces, slitting machines, and straightening machines to 100% meet your requirements. CE and SGS certification.

Don’t Take Our Words, Hear from Them.

OEM Aluminum products with Favorable Wholesale Pricing!